The Federal Republic of Whiland

Flag of Guwimith

A map of pre-war Guwimith (the island on the right) and "The Dependencies" (mainland).

Map of the initial stages of the Guwimith War. "X" denotes areas targeted with tactical bombing, blue incursion zones denote ground gained by Whiland troops, Red by Zartanian troops, and purple by Anglyaan troops.

Guwimith is an Autonomous Republic in the Federal Republic of Whiland.


The island of Guwimith was formerly the seat of power for the Czarist Theocracy of Guwimith, which also goverened the region known on the Old Continent as 'The Dependencies'. An isloationist Kingdom, led by Czar Dusko I, Guwimith very much kept to itself, leaving 'The Dependencies' very much to their own devices, leaving them very impoverished, with what riches there were in the hands of several cartels of wealthy landowners. These cartels organised to protect their interests, forming an Isloationist Militia when an agreement was struck between the Federal Republic of Whiland and Kingdom of Eastern Zartania with the Guwimithian Czar to drill for oil in the Guwimith Strait.

In an unprovoked attack, several hundred unarmed Whilandians and Zartanians were killed by the Isolationist Militias with several people taken hostage. After the Czar and his staff refused to take any action after an outcry from Whiland and Eastern Zartania, the Federal Republic of Whiland and Kingdom of Eastern Zartania moved in to shut the Militias down. After the military intervention the people of Guwimith and The Dependencies demanded civillian rule. Guwimith split into 4 parts, in elections conducted by the Federal Republic of Whiland, observed by the ANNV, and UPRMI. The 3 parts of The Dependencies chose independence, while Guwimith Island chose union with the Federal Republic of Whiland after problems on The Dependencies, and the fear of new prosperity being threatened.


Guwimith is a city of ports and commerce, with ports on the east coast of the island created under Czarist administration. Duckport and Oliveport being the oldest places of transit between the island and The Dependencies. Manaar is a newly created port for the purpose of oil transfer, with Smithport and Q'Leistport emerging as a result of the intervention. Smithport was named after the Angliyaan President, Alex Smith, who's troops played an important role in the intervention, learning many valuable tactics in amphibious operations. Q'Leistport was named after the King of the Kingdom of Eastern Zartania by the Guwimithian people in a show of thanks to the King for his assistance in liberation. Guwimith City is the captial of Guwimith, and was the capital of the Union of Guwimith and The Dependencies, and is a central point between ports. Brazehkev and Uyenguyen are rapidly expanding areas that still hold firm to Guwimithian culture.


Whilst Guwimith is technically a part of the Federal Republic of Whiland, it is an autonomous area, with full self government. Only foreign affairs and defence are taken care of by the Federal Republic of Whiland. Guwimith operates under a proportional representation system, with elections to be held soon. The cooperative spirit of the people of Guwimith ensures that domestic politics is relatively quiet, and with little incident.


Administered by the Federal Republic of Whiland. The Guwimithian Legion is the primary military force on Guwimith, made up of natives of Guwimith. Several Squads of Whilandian airmen are located throughout the island, to take care of air defences. Ships of friendly navies may use Guwimith as a port of call, if applied for and permission is granted. Guwimith is beginning to be patrolled by the Coast Guard of the Federal Republic of Whiland, taking over from the Federal Republic of Whiland Navy.


Foreign affairs are handled by the Federal Republic of Whiland, though permission has been granted to have 'Guwimith Offices' in each Whilandian Embassy to handle Guwimithan affairs. Both the Federal Republic of Whiland, and the Guwimith have agreed that consular offices be welcome in Guwimith City for foreign nationals.


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The Czar

Despite the claims of certain other nations, the Czar of Guwimith remains semi-missing. He has been located on one of the islands of the Autonomous Republic of Guwimith, but wishes to remain a private citizen. The democratic, and civillian Government of the Autonomous Republic of Guwimith respects his wishes, and has adopted a "Live and let live" policy. Despite claims, he never left Guwimith, he merely went into self-imposed exile when it became obvious that he was unable to control the militias. He is now a private citizen, and collects a government pension. His former Prime Minister, Lord Homju is leading a similar life elsewhere on the islands.

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